Monday, June 13, 2016

Idyllic morning

This past Saturday, we had an idyllic morning at our lovely, little Glanworth library.

To begin with, I was greeted with a pair of barn swallows 
who have built a nest in the corner of our library verandah. 
They swooped around, then one sat on the nest 
while the other perched on the railing.

Later, the kids really enjoyed decorating masks with
 all kinds of sparkly and colourful materials.

All the masks turned out wonderfully well. 

The weather was beautiful, so some of the kids played in the library backyard.

One little calf came over 
 to the fence to see them.

Who can resist patting such a sweet little calf? 

All put together, the library visitors, creative kids, dress-up masks, warm weather, friendly calf and swooping barn swallows made for an especially idyllic morning!

Speaking of idyllic mornings, we had one with Leo last week when
 he and his mommy came for a sleepover.

Who can resist Leo in his lion sleeper? Not me!

I hope there are idyllic moments in your day!

Judy Ann

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Trying something new

We did yarn weaving on old DVDs at the little Glanworth library yesterday. 
It's a neat idea and the kids enjoyed it. 

To begin, I wrapped yarn around discs
 and hot-glued the yarn ends in place. 

Then the kids chose different yarns and ribbons to weave over and under these threads.

Whenever you try something new, there will likely be tangles!

Speaking of trying something new, 
Leo wasn't sure what to think when his pudgy, bare feet 
touched down into the cool, prickly grass. 

Ah-h-h, that's better!

Have a prickle-free day!

Judy Ann

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Crafts for Spring and banjo strings!

As usual, we have been having lots of fun during Saturday morning craft time at 
our little Glanworth library. Recently we made sweet little butterflies...

...and pretty flowers...

...and comical squirrels! 

Well, Leo isn't doing crafts quite yet, 
but he has decided to start playing the banjo!

Enjoy your day,

Judy Ann

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Another busy month!

I'm surprised to see it has been a month since I last posted to this blog! It's been a very busy April and it started with Denby and Heather's beautiful wedding.

The table settings were lovely...

...the couple happy and in love...

...the weather unusual, but pretty...

Photo by Kelly Taylor:
...the venue gorgeous....
Photo by Kelly Taylor:
 ...and the parents were very happy and proud!

It was a perfect wedding and we are confident that
 the marriage will be a livelong love story.

The above two photos by Uncle Greg
Later in the month I was warmly welcomed at a local school to 
present books and crafts to the students. Great fun!

April brought the opportunity to play with puppies!

And in April we also walked...


...and gazed at Leo...

...and enjoyed every moment!

 I hope April was a good month in your world, too.

 Judy Ann

Monday, March 28, 2016

Dolls and bunnies and chicks, oh my!

What a fun Saturday morning we had at the little Glanworth library!

These lovely dolls were brought in for show and tell so that I could see
 their beautiful, striped, handmade dresses.

 We did lots of colouring, taping and gluing of chicks and bunnies on strings. 

Everyone did a great job!

As for our little Leo, we didn't have the pleasure of his company 
on Easter so there are no new photos. 
But, be assured, he's still as cute as any doll, bunny or chick!

Enjoy your day,

Judy Ann